Monday, July 6, 2009


On the 4th of July I went to Sawgrass Mills Mall to buy my mom a birthday gift, i was in the store for about a hour. Finally I went to pay for my purchase........and worst possibly thing that could happened, happened I FORGOT MY WALLET @ HOME!!!!!!!
I live in my Miami which is about 30 minutes away.I did what I had to do since it was for my mommy I went back home...........SO a hour later I went back to the store and got my mom her gift.
After that it got better cuz I went to the CCO and fond exactly what I was looking for the Dangerzone duo from MAC.There was alot of Mac collections @ the CCO, they had trios from Heatherette and Edna Dame.
Below is a pic of dangerzone and swatches.

And my opinion on the red is that it's not a true red but will do just fine for now.
The silver is just some glitter and the black is not a deep black.So if you don't have a red consider this if so I suggest you pass on this.


  1. hahaha I once went in to buy fast food and came in with only cell phone and keys! but I think you win with shopping for your mom :)

  2. Nice! Too bad CCO isn't here. =[