Saturday, September 19, 2009


Most of you have probably seen my post of my nail polish collection unfortunately that post does not include swatches of the polishes.And I never seem to have a time that I do not have my nails polish to actually show swatches,so I came up with a brilliant idea to show you guys pics of whatever polish I am wearing each week.This post title will be "POTW" (POLISH OF THE WEEK),and it will include the name,picture,and maybe a brief review of the polish.So here is my first post,Hope you ladies enjoy.

Below I have Sally's Hansen Salon Nail Lacquer in "Pat on the Black",it's a very vamp dark burgundy type color in at times it may look like you have black polish but its not has rash as black.I have on two coats of the polish on and for my top coat I used Nailtiques nail protein in formula # 1 for flexible nails.I would recommand this for those who are to scared to rock black polish this type of color is a great replacement and also a great fall color.
P.S. I've been wearing this polish since Wednesday and its Saturday and no chip.

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